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Infiniti Q45 / Nissan Cima FGY33 (FY33, Y33)

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Welcome to the home of second generation Infiniti Q45.

Last updated:  October 14, 2005
What's NEW:
  • Magazines articles are scanned for your viewing pleasure.
  • 4.083 final drive swap and mileage update in "Modifications" section.

This website was born in October 19th, 2004. I feel that the 1997-2001 Infiniti Q45 lacks the supports it needed for being such a wonderful vehicle. That was the reason for the birth of this website. I will continue to update this website as often as possible. Hope you like the site and have a wonderful time here. Please sign the guestbook for any comment or recommendation so I could make the website better. Thank you for looking and enjoy your stay!