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Infiniti Q45 / Nissan Cima FGY33 (FY33, Y33)

Available performance aftermarket parts for Y33

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1.  Eibach lower springs: Part# 6345.140. Will drop the car 1" front and 1" rear. They are tough to find. Most places don't carry them anymore because they're discontinued.

2.  Tein lower springs:  1.7" - 1.8" drop front and rear.  Available through FalkDesign on or They must be ordered from Japan and usually take about 4-6 weeks to arrive.

3.  Goodridge G-stop braided stainless steel brakelines kit: Part # 22011 (same as J30)

4.  Crossdrilled and slotted brake rotors: availabe on eBay or Prices are vary.